Ellagee Time!

Ellagee RAOK Polish-

Now A Gee I Love Ellagee Facebook Fan Group Exclusive! 

*Press Sample*


Hello 👋 again! Why don’t we keep the theme going with another Ellagee polish for my second(and probably next 😁) post?!

The beauty I have to share with you at…ugh Midnight?!  – seriously insomnia sucks 😦 anyways, I got sidetracked – apologies! The beauty I have to share with you tonight(technically am) is again from the lovely Laura at Ellagee and has a special story behind it!

There is a fan group on Facebook for Ellagee called Gee I Love Ellagee! (cute name right?!) where lovers of Ellagee polish can share our mani pics, Ellagee hauls, chit-chat, and basically just hang out and enjoy each other’s virtual company! So, one of the group members approached Laura, who is the creator/owner of Ellagee, to create a special  custom polish for a handful of women. This mystery woman had noticed some women that were in need of cheering up and were just genuinely amazing women and wanted to do something nice to make them smile. Thus, I give you: Another Little Piece of My Heart:




20170729_200018.jpgHow gorgeous is this polish ⬆️⬆️😍😍 Laura describes it: “a lilac/violet/magenta scattered holo with intense shimmer that shifts from fuchsia to aqua to blue.” How about I show the swatch pics/macros/nail art 🎨? Sit back, grab some popcorn 🍿 because there’s lots to show!(All pics were taken indoor under artificial lighting in my light box) 20170729_200516.jpg


PicsArt_07-18-07.07.26.jpgFor the pic below ⬇️ I lowered the aperture on my camera to show off the color and depth of the polish(all swatches show 2 coats plus Ellagee’s Glass quick dry top coat) PicsArt_07-18-07.20.36.jpg


20170729_200947.jpgAnd now, the nail art 🎨 For the pics below, I used Another Little Piece of My Heart for the base, then used Painted Hearts and Raining Hearts Stencils(press sample) from Vinailicious and used The Countess(from Ellagee’s Born To Be Brave Collection)  over top, and then another coat of Glass quick dry top coat. And the result is:



I love how the polishes look together! Your thoughts? Feel free to leave me a comment! If you would love to buy this polish follow the link below to request to join Gee I Love Ellagee on Facebook  ⤵️

Gee I Love Ellagee! 

Well that’s all from yours truly tonight/this morning 😁 You can check out Ellagee’s Instagram page and their shop at the links below ⤵️ 

Ellagee’s Instagram

Shop Ellagee here! 

Also, you can shop the vinyls from Vinailicious  that I used in the nail art above  in Cathy’s shop at the link below ⤵️ 

Shop Vinailicious here!

As always, thanks for looking 😉 😙 


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